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Sportradar to launch Universal Fraud Detection System

17th February 2021 9:18 am GMT

Sportradar has made a landmark commitment to make its bet monitoring system available free of charge to any sports federation or league worldwide.

The Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) will be funded by Sportradar Integrity Services and made available later this year to safeguard the integrity of global sport.

“We believe that integrity is fundamental to public confidence in sport, and that wrongdoing at any tier of competition affects all levels of sports and its fans,” said Sportradar CEO Carsten Koerl. “Today marks a very special day in the history of our company, as we announce the upcoming launch of our core bet monitoring system, at no financial charge to any sports federation or league that wants to use it.

“By making this significant investment in integrity via the UFDS initiative, we are demonstrating our commitment to support the sustainability of sport around the globe.”

Since 2005, Sportradar has used its bet monitoring system – the Fraud Detection System (FDS) – to detect match-fixing across global sport. In 2020, over 600,000 matches were monitored by the FDS across more than 1,000 leagues and competitions in 26 different sports.

In the past 15 years, more than 5,300 matches have been classified as suspicious in the FDS, with Sportradar Integrity Services supporting over 400 successful sporting disciplinary sanctions and over 30 successful criminal convictions against those who have sought to corrupt sport.

“We are continuing to upscale our technology and operation to handle this considerable undertaking, and as well as providing it to new partners, we have already set about discussing and implementing the UFDS with our 70+ existing FDS partners,” continued Koerl.

“We are very excited to launch this exciting initiative and add to the proven track record of our integrity team, by ensuring the UFDS plays a major role in protecting the integrity of the sports we all love in the decades to come.”

The move has been supported by major sports organisations including the International Olympic Committee and the Asian Football Confederation.

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