Federal Police and Sportradar agree Integrity Services deal

15th December 2021 7:22 am GMT

Brazil's Federal Police and Sportradar Integrity Services have agreed a partnership to strengthen and protect the integrity of sport Brazil.

The two parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will see Sportradar Integrity Services support the Federal Police by sharing relevant information to combat corruption in sport, exchanging their expertise to establish best practice for tackling fraud investigations, match-fixing and countering corruption within sports and betting.

The strategic agreement with Brazil’s Federal Police extends Sportradar’s cooperation with police and law enforcement agencies, which includes Europol, Spain’s Guardia Civil, and the Bulgarian, Austrian and French Police, among others.

“Corruption in sport is a topic that has attracted the attention of the international community, in which Brazil is also a part,” said Brazilian Federal Police general director Paulo Gustavo Maiurino .

“This is due to the possibility of infiltration of criminal organizations in this sector, with the manipulation of sporting events, betting, doping, payment of bribes, and money laundering associated with the high volumes of resources involved.

“In light of this reality, the signing of this agreement between the Federal Police and Sportradar will allow for better targeting of criminal investigations related to such crimes in Brazil, especially those that require international coordination and cooperation.”

Sportradar Integrity Services managing director Andreas Krannich added: “Throughout the years we have supported various state authorities, government institutions, national platforms and sport federations, and these collaborations have demonstrated just how effective a joint effort can be in the anti-match-fixing cause, as shown in the 489 sporting sanctions and 50 criminal sanctions our work has contributed to in this time. 

“Brazilian sport is safer as a result of this cooperation, and we are ready to assist the Federal Police of Brazil to help play our part in supporting the integrity of all Brazilian sport.”

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