Netherlands to Consider Online Gaming Regulation in 2010

14th September 2009 8:55 am GMT

Following publication of the European Court of Justice's ruling on the validity of the Portuguese betting monopoly, the Dutch government has established an advisory committee to investigate how best to regulate online gaming in the Netherlands in the context of European law, Gaming Intelligence has learnt.

The advisory committee was established Friday by the Dutch Council of Ministers at the request of Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin and Home Affairs Minister Ter Horst.

The committee, headed by Mr. G.J. Jansen, Provincial Governor of the Dutch province of Overijssel, has been given six months to investigate the creation of a legal online gaming offering in the Netherlands.

The committee will advise on the general requirements for the regulation of online gaming and may submit a proposal for the establishment of a legal regime.

The committee has been instructed to pay specific attention to the compatibility of Dutch gaming law with European legislation, the nature and size of the current illegal offering, licensing options, similar developments in other EU Member States and the protection of vulnerable groups such as minors.

In addition to the chairman, the committee will consist of four further members, selected for their expertise in the areas of public administration, gaming, law enforcement, internet, European legislation and care of addicts.

The committee is required to submit its recommendations to the Ministry of Justice no later than March 2010.

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