NZ Racing Selects Typhoon Betting Platform

19th October 2009 8:38 am GMT

Following the launch of its proprietary Typhoon wagering platform earlier this year, Australia's Media & Gaming Ltd has announced its first international agreement with the signing of a deal with the New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB).

Nicholas Plowman, MD of Media & Gaming, said the contract with NZRB will result in a commercial and technology-based partnership which will ensure a leading position for NZRB in the increasingly competitive global entertainment market.

"Tote operations throughout the world run on legacy systems that do not enable them to compete against more technologically advanced gaming enterprises. This is holding racing back in its attempts to match other forms of global entertainment," said Plowman. "Typhoon goes a long way to solving these problems."

Andrew Brown, Chief Executive of NZRB, said: "As part of our modernisation strategy, the NZRB conducted a worldwide search for the most efficient and reliable betting platform and Typhoon was selected as the best and most cost-effective option.

"Along with a fast and reliable service, Typhoon will significantly improve the NZRB's capacity to compete against offshore operators and enable us to be much more agile and responsive in meeting the needs of the industry and our customers."

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