German State Confirms Gaming Liberalisation

29th October 2009 9:04 am GMT

The new coalition government of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein looks set to make good on its pre-election promise to withdraw from the State Treaty on Gaming and open the market to private competition, and according to government sources, they have the support of other federal states who intend to follow their lead.

Schleswig-Holstein MP Hans-Jörn Arp has this week gone on record to confirm earlier media reports of the government's intention to withdraw from the State Treaty, stating that an attractive liberal gaming market would substantially increase state revenues versus the current monopoly system where revenue contributions have been in steady decline.

"The levies from private operators should be substantially higher as they would have a higher turnover," said Arp. "When we liberalise the lotto market and make it more attractive and allow sports betting via the internet, we can multiply the state's income."

The new Schleswig-Holstein government intends to withdraw from the State Treaty on Gaming at the start of next year, and according to Arp, there have been assurances from other states that they will do the same. "If we do not get support from other states, we will go our own way," he added.

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