IoM licence clears RealDealPoker for launch

4th June 2010 7:34 am GMT
Gioia International Limited's RealDealPoker.com has been granted a gaming licence by the Isle of Man Government's Department for Economic Development, paving the way for the launch of the first online poker room to do away with Random Number Generators (RNG) in favour of real playing cards.

As part of receiving its licence, Gioia International Limited and its management were required to satisfy the jurisdiction's licensing requirements and comply with stringent online gaming standards and player protection rules. The licence was granted within seven weeks of the application being filed, with the assistance of ILS Fiduciaries.

"The fact that such an innovative company has chosen the Isle of Man from which to base its operations speaks for itself," said Garth Kimber, Head of e-Gaming Development, Isle of Man Government's Department for Economic Development. "At the heart of the Government's Department for Economic Development is a commitment to championing new ideas and groundbreaking concepts, and ensuring that the Island's business environment is as hospitable as possible to meet the needs of entrepreneurial companies such as Gioia International.

"E-Gaming companies coming to the Island can not only expect Governmental support but will also find a one stop shop of world class banking, legal, corporate and other professional support services. We look forward to playing our part in the success story of our latest licensee and are confident that the growth the Isle of Man's e-Gaming sector is experiencing will continue apace in the months and years ahead."

RealDealPoker utilises Gioia Gaming System's proprietary Cut N' Shuffle technology which does away with RNG's in order to provide a fairer game of poker using real playing cards. The automated system shuffles the cards as they would be shuffled in a real-world poker room environment, down to offering players the option of cutting the deck online. The barcoded cards are then scanned as they are dealt for online game play, complete with burn cards.

The Cut N' Shuffle system is backed up by another proprietary Gioia system, Game Check, which gives players the ability to verify and audit each game. The system provides instant validation of game results using separate digital and video recorders that capture every deal without revealing game play.

Gioia's four year development of the Cut N' Shuffle and Game Check systems is the result of extensive independent research and feedback from professional and amateur players which the company said demonstrated a need in the market for an online poker site that deals actual cards instead of via an RNG.

Gene Gioia, founder of Gioia International added: "ILS, together with Isle of Man Government have provided excellent service and assistance throughout the whole process. Their knowledge and experience has proved invaluable to Gioia in ensuring a smooth and efficient progression in preparing the company for its recent launch."

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