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Gaming Intelligence speaks to Alex Payne, the man behind PokerStar's new marketing strategy.


Alex Payne, the new chief marketing officer at PokerStars, is a brave man. Of course, the attraction of working for a major global brand that is expanding all the time is clear. As is the attraction of its significant marketing budget, reported to be around the £100m mark. But, from a marketing perspective, what is not so attractive is the loss of its biggest market and around 20 to 25 per cent of its customers overnight. Or, for that matter, the fact its founder was indicted at the same time and is still facing charges.

All of this happened five months before Payne joined the business in September last year. Not only did it not deter him, but he is determined to look at it in a positive light. “Black Friday was a test for us and the wider industry,” he explains. “It has helped to define who we are as a company a little better.”

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