US broadcaster FOX Sports has launched a new free-to-play football game, FOX Sports Super 6, that offers players the chance to win large cash prizes each week.

Fox Sports Super 6 was developed through the broadcaster’s joint venture with The Stars Group and follows the recent launch of the FOXBet app in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

FOX Sports Super 6 offers three opportunities for play each week with Super 6 NFL Sunday, TNF Super 6, and College Football Saturday Super 6.

Super 6 NFL Sunday offers fans a win of up to $250,000 by correctly picking the outcome of six matches, with smaller guaranteed prizes if no player picks correctly.

TNF Super 6 gives players the chance to win $25,000 in cash by answering six multiple choice prediction questions about the upcoming Thursday night football game, while players of College Football Saturday Super 6 can win thousands of dollars by correctly picking the winning team and their margin of victory.

“FOX Sports Super 6 brings our unique and entertaining Fox attitude and our unrivaled talent to this fun free-to-play game,” said FOX Sports president of national networks, Mark Silverman. “The FOX Sports Super 6 app will heighten the excitement of watching live sports while simultaneously deepening our viewers’ engagement with our brand.”

The FOX Sports Super 6 product will be expanded to additional sports in future, beginning with basketball in October.

Robin Chhabra, chief corporate development officer at The Stars Group, commented: “These awesome free-to-play games will get fans closer to the sports they love, competing against FOX Sports stars to win huge prizes.

“The FOX Sports Super 6 app offers a quick, simple and fun experience that we think sports fans here will love, just like they do in other countries where we run them.”

The FOX Sports Super 6 app is now available for download in iOS and Android versions in all US states except Washington.