Opinion: Unlocking iGaming growth alongside a complete B2B supplier

1st August 2023 10:04 am GMT

Antoine Bonello, managing director of Aspire Global, highlights the essential products an operator must deploy to achieve success within a saturated sector

In a crowded marketplace, it is more important than ever for operators to have robust solutions in place across every business area in order to achieve their growth ambitions.

Front and back-end functionality, covering important aspects such as platform reliability, customer acquisition and retention, and content that is appreciated in the market, ultimately all feed into delivering the best possible user experience. Sub-standard work in even just one of these product areas will significantly reduce an operator’s chances of success in a competitive landscape.

Whether operators are looking to upgrade their existing functions, establish a white label brand, or going in further with a fully customized platform deal, partnering with a complete supplier like Aspire Global brings tremendous benefits. Not only do we have extensive experience within the global gaming industry, but we have an unrivalled product set fit for our partners’ ecosystems to scale in regulated markets worldwide.

A standout PAM solution

An advanced Player Account Management (PAM) system is an absolute must for operators looking to capitalise on the growth opportunities across all regulated markets.

Platforms are the beating heart for any online operator, with features including payment and risk management tools to secure transactions, content integrations with third-party providers, international payment methods, as well as security services to ensure everything is compliant and safe for the end user.

We deliver the ultimate solution that features localised content covering sports, live dealer and casino games from the in-house studio and leading third-party providers, giving our platform a distinct advantage over others in the market.

Handling over three billion transactions per month and with an impressive 99.98% uptime over the last year, leading brands in the space have seen the huge benefits of Aspire Core powering and monitoring relationships with players throughout each individual journey.

An evolving CRM offering

While the PAM should be a pre-requisite, combining it with advanced CRM functionality is an absolute must in delivering powerful top-level marketing capabilities. Aspire Engage achieves this through customer data analytics with omnichannel campaign execution. This includes segmentation, whereby operators can establish multiple player groups influenced by their betting behaviour and target them with relevant content and the right offer or bonus.

The main goal of CRM is to develop customer relationships, assist customer retention and drive the growth of revenue. CRM systems should be designed to collect customer information across multiple channels and contact points and equip customer-facing staff with a vast amount of information on customers’ personal preferences.

Simply put, everything the customer does should inform their experience and personalise their journeys based on their habits and preferences.

This is common in many consumer activities. If we shop online, we are given related products that may be of interest. Similarly, if you are watching a television show or film on a streaming service, you will get recommendations based on previous views.

The iGaming industry is no different. If players engage with certain formats or titles, then it is only right that we provide easy access to similar content, but there is so much more within our comprehensive CRM system.

Aspire Engage is our user-friendly system which offers real-time top-level marketing capabilities that enables operators to sharpen their approach to player engagement, including bonus management, personalised messaging and user segmentation.

Effective CRM products can provide the invaluable insights needed for companies to develop trust and cohesion between platform and player. Companies have tried to build a complex system in-house in order to mitigate cost, but to no avail. This slows down operations within the organisation, reduces flexibility and fails to respond to customer needs. Ultimately, this will restrict growth.

How Managed Services are changing the game

Many factors have accelerated the change within online gaming markets across the world, with the evolution of digital solutions and the ongoing regulatory changes in a number of key markets being two prime examples.

Something we believe to be incredibly important is the provision of a set of Managed Services which use modern advances in technology to map out solutions tailored towards these trends – and well beyond.

For global operators there are the many pain points to consider, and this is where Aspire Services can take your business to the next level with bespoke offerings for each customer.

Impeccable customer support encompasses market-leading response time and availability 24-hours a day. There is also a commitment to responsible gaming, providing our support teams with regular training to make sure everything is running smoothly. With intuitive segmentation and campaigns via the excellent CRM system, there is ample opportunity to engage with all customers daily.

Our Managed Services offering is the most complete in the industry. It is fully compliant, localised, and monitored by highly-skilled teams that leave no stone unturned.

A complete marketing strategy with Aspire Growth

Once the products and services are in place, you will need a comprehensive acquisition marketing strategy, and Aspire Growth can deliver.

Brands should not be deterred by the effort needed to maximise their marketing efforts. The rewards for getting it right are huge.

Aspire Growth is a modular offering with three options that sees Aspire act on a consultancy basis, or perform part of, or the complete strategy on behalf of the client on a white label basis. Services include strategy creation, budget planning, management of paid search and social, SEO insight and many more additional professional services.

Experimentation is ingrained in our core. We conduct an extensive number of trials to achieve the best possible returns on marketing investment. Every test starts with audience centric planning and a robust data strategy.

Our approach involves seamlessly integrating with your team while providing full transparency to our clients. Leveraging our expertise, we develop customized marketing strategies and campaigns to meet your specific needs.

In the fiercely competitive iGaming industry, operators need robust solutions to achieve growth. Aspire Global offers a standout platform, an advanced CRM tool, Managed Services, and Marketing and Acquisition services. With this offering readily available to them, operators can captivate players and unlock their true potential for growth.