Portugal’s Council of Ministers has submitted legislation to legalise online gambling to the European Commission, proposing a 15 per cent tax on iGaming gross revenue and 8 per cent on sports betting.

The bill sees the Portuguese government make amendments to Article 7 of the country’s Tax Code Income Collective, Decree-Law 442-B / 88 of November 30, and Articles 7 and 21of the Decree-Law No. 330/90 of 23 October, as well as giving tourism board Turismo De Portugal a selection of new duties relating to the regulation of online gaming.

The Council of Ministers explained that due to the prevalence of online gambling worldwide, it cannot ignore the reality that many of the country’s citizens gamble online. It also cites the trend towards iGaming regulation in a number of European countries, which it said “intensifies the need to regulate this matter.”

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