Casino games supplier Genesis Gaming has launched its latest slot game, Gods of Giza, which features a new Rotating Reels feature to give players more opportunities to win.

Gods of Giza is now live on Microgaming’s Quickfire Network, with Rotating Reels that spin 360 degrees following each free spin, stopping every 90 degrees to re-evaluate new winning combinations.

The 4 by 4-reel, 20-line Egyptian-themed game also lets users unlock eight free spins when they land on three scatter symbols. Each free spin offers up four line evaluations per spin, giving players 32 chances to win in the bonus feature.

“When designing this game, we knew we had found something really special in the Rotating Reels Free Spins Feature,” Genesis Gaming’s head of global design Scott Sims said. “Players will love anticipating the wins as the reels rotate in the feature. With 32 total evaluations in the feature - plus possible retriggers - this game offers a new kind of excitement for players.”

Genesis’ director of European sales James Watson said that Egyptian themes were a perennial favourite in the gambling sector, but added that players wanted “something different, something new.”

“Taking a classic theme and combining it with truly innovative gameplay makes a pairing that holds great appeal for a broad range of players,” he explained.