Microgaming enters esports with Unikrn partnership

14th July 2020 10:04 am GMT

Microgaming has teamed up with Unikrn to add esports betting to its content aggregation platform.

The collaboration will see Microgaming further diversify its portfolio to provide esports betting to its customer base, which includes over 800 operator brands worldwide, while also significantly extending the reach of Unikrn’s product.    

“Microgaming has a rich history of product innovation and development, and we are constantly exploring new avenues to deliver unique content that raises the bar of entertainment,” said Microgaming commercial director Leon Thomas.

“Unikrn has a strong reputation for delivering innovative esports gaming experiences that capture the attention of players around the world, and we firmly believe the addition of their esports product will allow us to bring something special to the market.”

Microgaming’s content aggregation platform will now feature Unikrn Virtual, which allows bets to be placed on some of the world’s most popular mainstream games, including top performers CSGO (Counter Strike), Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, NBA2K, Rocket League and War Zone (Call of Duty).

“When I left my position as CEO of Microsoft Ventures, it was to create something unprecedented,” said Unikrn co-founder Rahul Sood. “Unikrn Virtual is a never-ending well of exclusive content that will change the betting landscape. With our Microgaming partnership, I'm excited to access Microgaming’s network and global reach.”

Unikrn chief operating officer Andrew Vouris added: “Unikrn Virtual is the solution to the singlemost foundational issue facing bookmakers today, even in the fast world of esports, content gaps can wreak havoc on bettor engagement. For bettors who want engaging, 24/7 options, Unikrn Virtual is the only option.”

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