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Malta National Lottery to re-launch instant tickets under new IGT deal

15th May 2023 5:45 am GMT

New York-listed supplier International Game Technology (IGT) has agreed two long-term contracts with Malta’s National Lottery operator, which will include the re-launch of the lottery’s instant ticket program.

Under the terms of an initial agreement, IGT's lottery central system and retail solutions went live last July with the new lottery operator National Lottery plc, a subsidiary of IZI Group.

IGT collaborated with National Lottery to introduce an additional draw day for LOTTO, the most traditional and successful game in Malta, and launch two draw games Pick 3 and Super 5 4-3-2-1, the first draw games to go live in over 10 years.

IGT confirmed last week that it has now secured a ten-year contract with the lottery, and also signed an instant ticket printing services contract, expected to run until June 2032.

With the new agreements in place, IGT plans to work with the National Lottery to relaunch the lottery's instant ticket program and double the size of its retailer network.

“IGT's extensive experience with achieving significant sales growth for leading lotteries such as National Lottery plc made it an ideal partner for re-establishing Malta's National Lottery,” said IZI Group founder and CEO Johann Schembri. “In addition to its sophisticated lottery product portfolio, IGT's responsible approach to innovation and sustainable growth align with the Lottery's vision of providing unique gaming entertainment experiences to players in a responsible and safe environment.

“We are very impressed with what IGT has been able to accomplish for us in such a short time and look forward to further enhancing the player experience over the next 10 years.”

Jay Gendron, IGT chief operating officer for Global Lottery, commented: "National Lottery plc and IGT had an ambitious, seven-month timeline to complete a comprehensive lottery system implementation and deploy new equipment throughout Maltese retailers.

“Nevertheless, IGT was up for the challenge. Our technology, along with new draw-based games and features, went live in record time and on schedule. We are now focused on working with the Lottery to inspire continued sales growth responsibly through innovative technology and compelling instant ticket content that engage players.”

Shares International Game Technology plc (NYSE:IGT) closed 0.31 per cent lower at $26.14 per share in New York Friday.

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