Online gambling customers have lowest tolerance for identity checks

18th September 2013 7:51 am GMT

Online gambling customers have the lowest tolerance time for undergoing identity verification checks, according to a new study by Experian, with customers only prepared to spend four minutes on average before opting out.

The new study reveals the degree to which identity and security procedures continue to be a source of annoyance for consumers across a range of UK sectors including transactions for mortgages, travel, insurance, telecommunications and broadband, online banking, retail, NHS, government and public services, and online gambling.

Nick Mothershaw, director of Identity & Fraud at Experian, said: “Identity verification is becoming an increasingly important part of e-gaming operations, particularly as the online industry for this sector grows, and the process of dealing with consumers face-to-face is becoming less commonplace.

“However time-consuming they appear, identity checks are in all our interests, not only protecting businesses from fraud but also individuals.”

Experian’s analysis reveals that almost half (45 per cent) of UK adults have backed out of an online transaction after becoming frustrated over the length and complexity of the identity validation and security checks.

Of those to have abandoned an internet-based purchase, 47 per cent took their custom to a competitor after becoming irritated with the process, 20 per cent gave up completely, while 17 per cent tried again at a later date.

Online gaming had the lowest tolerance time across all of the sectors studied, with customers only prepared to spend four minutes on average undergoing identity verification checks before opting out, compared to 5 minutes for retail, 6 minutes for travel, 7 minutes for online banking and 10 minutes for mortgages.

“Customers are looking for a quick, easy procedure when opting to partake in online gaming,” continued Mothershaw. “The more straightforward the system, the better this is for both the customer, as well as provider.”

Mothershaw said that Experian’s research shows that e-gaming businesses are at risk of losing out on trade as thousands of consumers are taking their custom elsewhere.  

“It is therefore vital for online gaming outlets to make sure the transaction process is as fast and simple as possible, without compromising the level of site security, in order not to miss out on business,” he said.

The study was carried out by Opinium Research through an online survey of 2,003 UK adults between July 16th and 19th.

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