Canadian Poker Tour to Launch Online TV Network

21st September 2009 8:15 am GMT

Marking the company's first step towards its objective of showcasing its brand in international markets, HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc, owner and operator of the Canadian Poker Tour and Canadian Poker Player Magazine, is to launch a new internet television poker network, having successfully concluded a series of sponsorship deals.

Set to begin broadcasting during the fourth quarter of 2009, CanadianPokerPlayer.tv will feature coverage of major Canadian poker events from across the country as well as documentary productions featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the Canadian Poker Tour.

The network is the first step in the company's long term objectives to expand to international markets and build on its strategic marketing alliance with the World Poker Showdown, a series of poker events held across North America and the Caribbean.

Supplementing the media model that HeadsUp has built in Canada, the network will also compliment the company's Canadian Poker Player Magazine as a full and complete source of information for Canadian poker players to draw from.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for the company to re-monetize investments we have made in television over the past 4 years and deliver an all encompassing media delivery package to our sponsors," said Kelly B. Kellner, President and founder of HeadsUp Entertainment.

"Players and fans will have an innovative and effective means to pursue their interest in the sport and we couldn't be more excited."

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