Microgaming Launches Social Interactive Slot Game

26th November 2009 8:51 am GMT

Successfully integrating two prevalent gaming trends, interactivity and community, into traditional slot play, online gaming software provider Microgaming has announced the launch of Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth - Special Edition, which it claims as the world's first true multi-player slot game.

Players entering the game are randomly allocated a playing room with a choice of six independent five-reel, twenty-five line slot machines, with players able to interact with each other through an in-built chat function.

"We monitor gaming trends closely and are always on the look out for areas where we can innovate and introduce high quality games for our operators to take to market and which enhance player experience," said Mike Hebden, Microgaming's Casino Channel Lead.

"We are in no doubt of the importance of the social interaction element to online gaming, and it is clear that this trend is gaining ever increasing momentum."

The individual slots play in the conventional manner with Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers used to pursue wins. In addition, players can also benefit from the randomly triggered shared Wheel of Wealth feature.

Players who have qualified by accruing bonus multipliers on their individual slots are each invited to select one of the twenty big paying stops on the Wheel of Wealth, with players winning according to their position on the wheel.

"Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth, Special Edition is the first game of its kind to introduce the combination of chat-inclusive community action, mixed with interactive slot play," said Hebden. "We will continue to innovate in this area and remain committed to delivering high quality games that directly respond to this evolution in gaming."

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