With most domestic seasons now complete, the World Cup is just weeks away and players, fans and bookmakers are all anxious for different reasons. Players will want to avoid injury, fans will want to avoid hotspots on the streets of Rio and bookies will want to avoid any technical hitches or glitches both prior to and during the tournament when betting volumes are expected to soar to record levels.

Operators will want to be especially assertive in consistently monitoring and evaluating the success of their campaigns and offers, as well as what paths and channels convert best. This commitment will allow them to instantly react to tactics that are achieving the right results as well as those that aren’t.

Ahead of the decade’s biggest betting event Allan Petrilli, manager of affiliate services at Income Access, gives his insight into the 10 ways to best determine attribution and what paths convert best.

1. Have a tracking tool in place that provides attribution on where your traffic is coming from. This does not only mean the last click, but also identifying the original source of your highest quality traffic.

2. Use a single interface for all campaigns. Having in place a central interface for ad serving and timely ROI reporting gives operators maximum transparency and peace of mind when evaluating marketing spend.

3. Use traffic optimisation and ad serving software in order to gain a complete picture of the player journey from first exposure to conversion and the ultimate return on your marketing investment. This allows you to measure and evaluate the profitability of each acquisition channel.

4. Income Access’ traffic optimisation and ad serving tool comes with a Conversions Report, which graphically displays the full channel path a player takes to conversion. Each time a player interacts with a type of marketing material, it is tracked and the assigned channel is credited for its role in the conversion pathway.

5. Marketing channel strategies should support one another to ensure messaging consistency. Tailoring messaging to the traffic that you are looking to acquire is equally important. It can help to optimise your marketing efforts to know which channels best support each other and what paths work best for conversion.

6. Paths that provide consistent messaging and branding are likely to be the best converting.

7. Test what type of messaging works best for overall and channel-specific conversion. While a certain creative or offer converts well for PPC, your social channel may require content that focuses on branding over promotion. This insight will allow you to increase brand recognition in certain markets, allowing your other channels to improve as a result.

8. This strategic insight allows brands to understand where to focus marketing budgets and determine which channels are not converting or supporting the overall acquisition model of a brand.

9. It is just as important to optimise and increase spend where results prescribe as it is to lower/pause spend in areas that are not providing value.

10. If a channel or path that generally converts at a high rate is struggling, it is often easy to identify which affiliate or source sticks out from the pack. This points you in the right direction of which campaigns need to be reviewed.

About the author: Allan Petrilli is manager of affiliate services at Income Access


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