Mobile betting operator Kwiff has been rapped by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for the second time this month after a TV advertisement was found to have depicted juvenile behavior by featuring scenes of grown men popping bubble wrap with "great enjoyment".

A TV ad for Kwiff seen last December featured a voice-over that stated: "Bet on the Ashes with Kwiff and every time you do your odds might get Kwiffed. What does getting Kwiffed feel like? It feels like the end of a school day. The teacher says no homework tonight. But there was one thing I need you all to do. I need you to pop all these bubbles for me. Do you think you could do that? And that pretty much is what getting Kwiffed on the Ashes feels like."

The ad featured scenes showing grown men dressed in a school uniform and in one particular shot showed a female teacher open a wooden chest which was followed by the men popping some bubble wrap.

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