China LotSynergy and Bestinfo win Shanghai Welfare Lottery deal

19th August 2014 8:27 am GMT

Chinese lottery supplier China LotSynergy Holdings has won a joint bid to provide a comprehensive lottery sales and management system to the Shanghai Welfare Lottery.

Guangzhou San Huan Yong Xin, a subsidiary of China LotSynergy, secured the contract alongside Beijing Bestinfo Cyber Technology, a leading provider of IT technology and services in China.

The two companies will jointly provide the Shanghai Welfare Lottery Issuance Centre with a comprehensive lottery sales and management system, including betting terminals.

Both San Huan Yong Xin and Bestinfo will generate earnings based on revenue sharing on a fixed percentage of Shanghai Welfare Lottery’s total Computer Generated Ticket (CTG) sales.

San Huan Yong Xin is one of the three approved terminal providers of the China Welfare Lottery Issuance and Administration Centre, and currently provides terminal equipment and technical services to Welfare Lottery centres in Guangdong province and Chongqing.

The company has collaborated with Bestinfo on technology and services for over ten years, with the two companies currently jointly providing the CTG sales system, betting terminals and services for the Guangdong Welfare Lottery, China’s largest provincial Welfare CTG market in terms of terminal installed base and sales.

“To contribute to the development of Shanghai Welfare Lottery, San Huan Yong Xin and Bestinfo will work closely to complete the project efficiently, and to the highest of standards,” said China LotSynergy in statement.

Shares in China LotSynergy Holdings Limited (HKG:1371) closed earlier today at HK$0.67 per share. The shares have soared nearly 557 per cent in the past year.

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