GTECH G2 to Launch New Player Platform in California

8th October 2009 8:15 am GMT

Amid the difficult economic climate which has seen the state itself come close to bankruptcy, the California Lottery has extended its contract with GTECH Corporation for one additional year, under which the company will shift its focus to sustaining the lottery's retailer base and introducing GTECH G2's new interactive player platform to increase revenues and brand awareness.

GTECH will provide the California Lottery with products and services focused on innovative messaging devices and enhanced player services, as well as gaming system equipment and related services for an additional one year period commencing October 14th 2013, worth approximately $40 to $50 million in revenues to GTECH.

"When we signed our four-year extension with the California Lottery in 2008, the Lottery's long-term business plan called for retailer recruitment, thus the contract extension contained necessary equipment to support the anticipated retailer expansion plans," said GTECH President and CEO Jaymin B. Patel.

"However, due to the current challenging business climate, our focus in support of the Lottery has now shifted to sustaining the Lottery's retailer base and investing in ways to increase revenue and brand awareness via the Lottery's existing retailer network."

California will acquire a total of more than $17.3 million in messaging devices and enhanced player services as it seeks to increase revenues. Through GTECH G2's new interactive player platform, the lottery will be also able to expand its Jackpot Captains and Second Chance Game programmes by creating a player loyalty programme that will provide functions such as tracking player activity so that additional services, including customised promotions, can be offered.

"Working with the California Lottery, we have developed a business strategy to attract players at retail locations through innovative messaging devices, and we will offer more robust programs and services for players through the implementation of GTECH G2's player services platform to support the Lottery's future player loyalty programs. All of this combined will allow the California Lottery to be the first in the nation to deploy such innovative ideas," said Patel.

Joan Borucki, California Lottery's Executive Director said: "By offering a host of retail solutions and enhanced player services, we will be able to answer the demands of California's lottery retailers and players, and continue to ensure we raise much-needed funds for education."

GTECH has been the online lottery services provider to the California Lottery since 1986, during which time the lottery has contributed approximately $21 billion to California schools.

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