King.com Strengthens Player Protection with Bot Finder

17th November 2009 8:58 am GMT

King.com, the world's leading skill games site with over 17 million unique active customers per month, has deployed Featurespace's behavioural analysis system to detect and identify fraud, specifically with regard to the protection of players against "bot attacks".

The Featurespace software enables protection by automatically spotting and detecting activity designed to simulate that of humans, but is actually generated by computer software. Featurespace's approach involves the statistical analysis of human online data patterns, and delivers deep insights into online customers' motivations and preferences.

The system is able to automatically discriminate between genuine players and computer-generated bots by learning the characteristics of human interaction to detect anomalous behavioural patterns and to block any spurious access.

King.com is an active supporter of consumer privacy and protection and this is the latest proactive step it has taken to protect its more than 17.5 million unique users that play each month.

"King.com's market leadership is based on both the quality and the integrity of our games," said Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of King.com. "By being the first skill games company to deploy Featurespace's system, we are protecting our players and ensuring that they are in fact playing against real people."

Since its launch in 2004, King.com now offers more than 150 different skill and social games through its premier gaming destinations King.com and MyGame.com, available in nine languages and promoted in ten countries.

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