Real Cards to Replace RNG’s in Online Poker?

2nd December 2009 8:43 am GMT

Bringing to market one of the most significant innovations in online poker, Gioia International Limited has teamed up with Red Planet Gaming Inc for the launch of RealDealPoker.com, the first online poker room to do away with Random Number Generators (RNG) in favour of real playing cards.

RealDealPoker utilises Gioia Gaming System's proprietary Cut N' Shuffle technology which does away with RNG's in order to provide a fairer game of poker using real playing cards. The automated system shuffles the cards as they would be shuffled in a real-world poker room environment, down to offering players the option of cutting the deck online. The barcoded cards are then scanned as they are dealt for online game play, complete with burn cards.

The Cut N' Shuffle system is backed up by another proprietary Gioia system, Game Check, which gives players the ability to verify and audit each game. The system provides instant validation of game results using separate digital and video recorders that capture every deal without revealing game play.

Gioia's four year development of the Cut N' Shuffle and Game Check systems is the result of extensive independent research and feedback from professional and amateur players, which the company said demonstrated a need in the market for an online poker site that deals actual cards instead of via an RNG.

"This is a unique moment in the company's history," said Gene Gioia, Founder and CEO of Gioia International. " In addition to assembling a first rate management team, we have found in Red Planet Gaming Inc a partner who shares our passion for bringing a truly fair game of poker to players around the world and changing the face of poker online as we know it today."

Vahe Baloulian, CEO of Red Planet Gaming Inc, added: "I have never seen someone as committed as Gene Gioia to bringing a truly remarkable product to the market. His passion and understanding of what poker is about has resulted in a product that will make the poker world sit up and take note. I am delighted that Red Planet Gaming is partnering Gioia International Limited in this unique venture."

Real Deal Poker will launch in February 2010 once integration and testing are complete.

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