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Pennsylvania bill aims to allow small games of chance online

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have introduced a bill to amend the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act to allow eligible organizations to offer games online.

The proposal would amend the 1988 bill to allow clubs and charitable, religious and other civic and service associations to operate small games of chance online, [...]

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New sports betting bill introduced in Massachusetts

Lawmakers in Massachusetts are making another attempt to legalise sports betting with a new bill introduced Friday.

The proposed legislation would allow the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to issue three types of operator license; Category 1 licenses for in-person and remote sports betting, Category 2 licenses for in-person sports wagering at a [...]

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New bill introduced to repeal federal sports betting tax

New bipartisan legislation has been introduced in Congress to repeal the excise tax applicable to all legal sports bets in the United States.

Representatives Dina Titus and Guy Reschenthaler, co-chairs of the Congressional Gaming Caucus, introduced the legislation Friday to repeal the 0.25 per cent excise tax on all legal sports [...]

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Rhode Island drops in-person sign-up requirement for online sports betting

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has signed legislation into law to allow adults to open online sports betting accounts without visiting a retail venue.

The amendment was approved earlier this month by the Rhode Island General Assembly by a margin of 57-12, and allows state residents to open online sports betting [...]

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Rhode Island lawmakers approve sports betting amendment

Adults in Rhode Island will soon be authorised to open online sports betting accounts without first having to visit a retail venue under newly amended laws.

The amendment to allow remote sports betting account registrations was approved Thursday by the Rhode Island General Assembly by a margin of 57-12, and now [...]

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European Commission

Netherlands amends Gambling Act and unveils iGaming regulations

The Netherlands government has notified the European Commission of proposed changes to its Gambling Act and Gambling Tax Act, as well as new regulations for the implementation of remote gambling in the Remote Gambling Order.

The proposed amendments to the Gambling Act relate to advertising restrictions, the use of customer databases, [...]

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Ukraine prepares for gambling legalisation

Ukraine is set to become Europe’s next regulated market. The managing partner of Ukrainian law firm Eterna Law, Andrey Astapov, outlines his country’s road to legalisation.

It is commonly known that almost all gambling has been prohibited in Ukraine since 2009, except for lotteries operating under the applicable Act of 2012. [...]

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island amendment seeks to eliminate in-person sports betting registration

Lawmakers in Rhode Island have proposed amendments to the state’s General Laws to allow individuals to open online sports betting accounts without having to visit a land-based casino.

Rhode Island’s regulated sports betting market opened in December 2018 as a retail-only offering, with online sports betting legislation signed into law in [...]

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Oslo Norway

Norway releases new gambling legislation

The government of Norway has opened a public consultation on proposed changes to the country’s gambling legislation.

The proposal would see Norway’s three existing gambling laws - the Lottery Act, the Gambling Act and the Totalizator Act - combined into one piece of legislation under the authority of the ministry of [...]

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UK Committee calls for more funding and research into problem gambling

The UK’s Public Accounts Committee has criticised the government for failing to proactively fund gambling related research that could help to design an effective regulatory response to gambling harms.

The Committee stated in a report released Sunday (June 28) that despite repeated references to the need for evidence based policy-making, the [...]

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Netherlands lawmakers approve motion to delay market opening

Lawmakers in the Netherlands voted Tuesday on a number of motions concerning the regulation of online gambling, with the option of delaying the market opening among the motions adopted.

The motion to delay the opening of the regulated online gaming market from the planned date of 1 July 2021 was approved [...]

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California sports betting proposition shelved again

California Senator Bill Dodd and Assemblyman Adam Gray have withdrawn their sports betting proposal ahead of its scheduled committee hearing Tuesday.

Their proposal sought to amend the constitution of California to legalise retail and online sports betting operated by horserace tracks and federally recognized Indian tribes, while allowing non-tribal gaming operators [...]

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