UK Gambling Review submitted to PM as responsible Minister resigns

7th July 2022 9:54 am GMT

Chris Philp, the Minister responsible for gambling in the UK, has become the latest senior figure to abandon Boris Johnson’s administration, just as the government review of gambling legislation nears completion.

Philp resigned as Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy this morning (7 July), saying that he could no longer support the Prime Minister.

“I’m deeply saddened it has come to this, but the PM should step down given public and Parliamentary confidence has clearly gone, and given the importance of integrity in public life,” said Philp. “I’m therefore stepping down as Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy now.”

In his resignation letter, Philp noted that the long-awaited gambling review is now with the prime minister for approval and contains strong measures to combat gambling addiction. “I have met with the families of those who have committed suicide as a result of gambling addiction, and I strongly urge you to deliver the review in full and undiluted,” he wrote.

He added that as important as this and other matters within his portfolio are, “so are integrity, honesty and trust in politics”.

“Given events over the past few weeks and months I therefore think that you should resign as Prime Minister and it follows that I cannot serve in your government any longer,” Philp concluded.

As of this morning, more than 50 people have resigned from government and the Conservative Party in an effort to force Boris Johnson to stand down. He told parliament on Wednesday that he has no intention to leave.

Update: Boris Johnson announced his resignation.

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