Lottoland launches Lotto x5 in the UK

7th August 2020 9:32 am GMT
Lotto x5

Gibraltar-based Lottoland has launched a new online lotto betting game in the United Kingdom which gives players five chances to win £1 million from a £1 stake.

Lotto x5 sees players choose six numbers between one and 59 for entry into a multi-prize draw, with draws taking place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

“Lottoland understand the huge lottery fandom here in the UK and we recognised that in order to stand out, we have to make sure that we offer more,” said Lottoland chief executive Nigel Birrell.

“That’s what has inspired Lotto x5 – to make our games as compelling as possible, we’ve been asking UK lottery players what they really, really want from their lottery games, so that we could develop the best UK game for UK consumers.”

According to Lottoland research, wanting to “become a millionaire by next year” was the most common response among players.

“Lottoland is built on the promise of giving consumers more,” added Birrell. “Whatever their ‘more’ happens to be… More value. More choice. More chances. More jackpots. More playfulness. And we’re looking forward to creating more UK millionaires with Lotto x5”

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