GTECH extends lottery services deals in Wisconsin and Kentucky

8th July 2013 9:02 am GMT

GTECH Corporation has signed contract extensions to continue providing lottery technology and related support services to US state lotteries in Wisconsin and Kentucky.

The company has signed a two-year contract extension with the Wisconsin Lottery to continue providing lottery technology and related support services through June 25th 2015.

GTECH expects to receive revenues in the range of between $25m and $27m over the two-year term. The Wisconsin Lottery has been a GTECH customer since the lottery’s inception in 1988.

GTECH Americas president and CEO Jaymin B. Patel said: “Putting our customers first is a top priority at GTECH. The Wisconsin Lottery has experienced year-over-year total sales growth since 2009. We attribute much of that success to the close partnership we have developed with the Wisconsin Lottery since 1988, and very much appreciate their vote of confidence with this extension.

“We look forward to continued growth in sales in support of the Lottery’s mission of achieving the highest possible revenue for property tax relief for the citizens of Wisconsin.”

GTECH will continue to provide the Lottery with a variety of ongoing services, including the operation and maintenance of the online and instant-ticket central system, lottery terminals and communications network; field services; marketing support; and hotline operations.

Meanwhile, GTECH has also signed a three-year extension to continue to provide technology and related services to the Kentucky Lottery through July 10th 2021.

The Kentucky Lottery also exercised an option in its existing contract with GTECH allowing for the company to provide equipment and services for Keno, which is expected to be introduced in retailer locations later this year.

The number of retail locations offering Keno in Kentucky is expected to grow to 700 over time. GTECH expects to receive revenues of approximately $40m for the contract extension and Keno.

“GTECH is committed to helping customers stimulate new sales growth,” said Patel. “This is yet another example of how states are addressing fiscal budget gaps with new game offerings, in an effort to maximize sales and net revenue for the Kentucky Lottery in support of higher education.”

GTECH will provide the Lottery with equipment, game software, and services for the Keno game, including up to 600 additional new Altura  GT1200 terminals, as well as installing Keno monitors.

The company will continue providing a variety of ongoing services including the operation and maintenance of the central system; field services for the 3,800 lottery terminals/self-service terminals already in operation; marketing support; and hotline operations.

GTECH has been the lottery technology provider to the Kentucky Lottery since 1989.

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