XcelMobility granted mobile lottery licence in Chinese province of Fujian

17th October 2014 6:33 am GMT

California-based XcelMobility has received a licence from the Fujian Administration of Sport and Gaming which allows the company to provide customers with Sports Lottery products via mobile devices.

XcelMobility is a mobile internet product development and marketing company focused on the growing Chinese lottery market, which recently announced a deal to acquire the online sports lottery business of Silver Creek Digital.

Following its licence approval from authorities in the Fujian province, which is located on the southeast coast of mainland China, the company said that its mobile lottery business is now online and servicing mobile lottery customers.

It is also in discussions to provide its range of mobile services to a number of China-based lottery suppliers.

Ronald Strauss, executive chairman of XcelMobility, said the company was “very excited” to receive the mobile lottery licence.

“We see this as recognition of our company as a leading mobile lottery provider in China,” he said. “The new license will allow XCLL to quickly grow our lottery brand and revenues in the fast growing mobile lottery market in China.”

Last month the company announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire Silver Creek Digital's online sports lottery business.

While little is known about Silver Creek Digital, Strauss said that the company had been using XCLL’s cloud network in China for over a year and had “already witnessed the growth that can be achieved by combining our resources.”

“We are confident that their proven success to date and established key relationships in China will drive our ability to strongly penetrate the very new and fast-growing online lottery business in China,” he said at the time of the announcement last month.

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