Amatic integrates Comtrade solution for Austrian gaming machines

8th April 2015 7:05 am GMT

Austrian gaming supplier Amatic Industries has completed the integration of Comtrade Gaming’s central control solution, sCore G2S, which allows the supplier's gaming machines to to be connected to the country's Federal Computing Centre.

The integration of the sCore technology means Amatic’s gaming machines are now compliant with the technical requirements of Austrian legislation, and can communicate with the federal system, which also uses the G2S protocol.

Under the terms of Austrian regulations, each gaming machine in the country has to be connected to the Federal Computing Centre.

As more regulators are adopting the same standards-based approach for monitoring gaming machines, Comtrade said, the integration will allow Amatic to expand its presence in new markets.

“Comtrade Gaming is helping gaming machine manufacturers adopt new GSA protocols for years and Amatic was one of our first clients," said Comtrade’s director of systems Oliver Lynch. “We are very happy that the launch of their machines in Austria was successful.

"Such deployments of G2S standard are proof that gaming industry is modernising and we will continue with our product investments to help other regulators and vendors to upgrade their environments.”

Amatic’s management said that the decision to integrate Comtrade’s solution “definitely is one of the best investments into the future” for the business.

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