Glu partners Skillz to launch skill-based tournaments for cash prizes

30th May 2013 12:57 pm GMT

NASDAQ-listed mobile gaming developer Glu Mobile has entered into a strategic relationship with Skillz to introduce real-money cash competitions into a number of its games.

Skillz, the San Francisco-based skill-based mobile gaming developer, will serve as Glu's exclusive tournament provider in the US, enabling cash competitions in Glu games across 37 states and the District of Columbia, as well as free tournaments across all 50 states.

Glu Mobile will integrate the Skillz tournament platform into selected Android titles, offering players the opportunity to compete in skill-based tournaments for cash prizes.

“The Skillz tournament platform allows us to reach a significant number of US gamers interested in competing for cash prizes in their favourite skill-based Glu games,” said Glu CEO Niccolo de Masi. “We look forward to offering an entirely new multiplayer experience to our audience in the US; an experience that we anticipate will improve user engagement, retention, and monetization.”

Deer Hunter Reloaded on Android will be the first Glu game to go live with the Skillz-powered cash competition.

Both Glu and Skillz expect that players of the game will able to compete in cash tournaments across 37 US states by the end of the current quarter.

“We make it easy to offer cash tournaments so studios like Glu can focus on creating the great games we all love to play,” said Skillz CEO and founder Andrew Paradise. “Cash tournaments make games more competitive and fun for players, which typically means more users, longer sessions and better ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user).”

Glu expects that Skillz tournaments will be available in additional Glu titles on Android during the second half of 2013.

Last week Skillz also announced that five other independent developers and studios will be implementing the Skillz monetization platform in their games.

Skillz will enable cash competitions inside Android titles from Fluik, G-Gee by GMO, Adam Schmelzle, Flying Wisdom Studios and Measured Software.

“Online gambling and mobile betting are big businesses, but until now, most Americans have been left out of the game,” said Skillz’s Paradise. “With Skillz, developers can offer cash competitions in skill-based games across the majority of U.S. states.

“There is a huge audience in the US who want to play games for real money and we're working with studios like Fluik to make that possible right now.”

Victor Rubba, CEO and founder of Fluik Entertainment Inc, added: “Skillz has created a completely new monetization method for mobile developers. Not only will we collect revenue directly from tournament entry fees, but we believe Skillz will drive downloads and increase retention rates for Snow Racer.”

Skillz claims to have surpassed more than 1m downloaded on its Skillz.com platform following its launch less than one month ago.

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