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Devilfish Enters Increasingly Competitive B2B Arena

7th September 2009 7:55 am GMT

Devilfish Gaming plc has become the latest online gaming operator to move into the B2B arena with the announcement Monday of the launch of Devilfish Services, its new dedicated consultancy unit.

PLUS-listed Devilfish Gaming, owner and operator of DevilfishPoker.com, said that it would capitalise on its team of gaming executives and their years of online and offline gaming experience to offer a wide array of consultancy services including business and financial planning, design of affiliate programs and product and channel management.

"We are unique, because we both operate an online gaming business and share that know-how with selected businesses in non-competing markets using high-calibre in-house management consultants," said Paul Barnes, CEO of Devilfish Gaming plc.

"The market environment is changing and we are diversifying to benefit from the new opportunities in B2B alliances."

Devilfish Gaming plc achieved revenues of £237,599 for its first half year ended December 31st 2008, the last period for which figures have been published, with a loss of £362,577 for the period.

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