Internet fraud detection company iovation has won a level two service provider license from the Nevada Gaming Commission, which will allow it to add geolocation software for iGaming operators to its services.

The Commission unanimously approved the licence after initially refusing one in August last year. Despite two years of investigations, it wanted to be absolutely sure that iovation was clean and that all accusations of wrongdoing connected with the UltimateBet scandal were false.

“I have to give credit to the Gaming Control Board and the Commission. They have done a very, very thorough review,” said a relieved iovation chief executive Greg Pierson.

The regulator’s iovation report was overhauled to make sure it reflected the depth of the investigation, which was at the same level as required to own and operate a casino in Las Vegas.The investigators also made a surprise visit to iovation’s Portland, Oregon headquarters to check that the company’s computer records matched its executives’ testimony at the first hearing.

Pierson hopes the licence will also bring to an end years of accusations from conspiracy theorist bloggers, who have held him at least partially responsible for the UltimateBet cheating scandal of 2008.

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