SIS and RMG extend pictures and data deal for bookmakers

29th June 2021 6:29 am GMT

Sports Information Services (SIS) has secured a new partnership with Racecourse Media Group (RMG) to distribute and transmit audio-visual and data from British racecourses to licensed bookmakers in the UK and Ireland.

The new three-year contract follows a competitive tender process and runs from 1 April 2023 until 31 March 2026, with SIS' current five-year agreement with RMG having begun in 2018.

"We are delighted to continue our partnership with SIS for a further three years," said RMG CEO Martin Stevenson. "LBO revenue remains an extremely significant media rights income source for RMG’s racecourses. This deal will further increase the value of LBO rights by invigorating betting turnover via first-rate production and presentation of horseracing for the LBO audience.

"We look forward to working with SIS on new and innovative ways in which the quality content from our racecourses can be produced and presented, including the introduction of in-play betting on racing in betting shops. This deal guarantees quality, core content for bookmakers in UK and Ireland until 2026, while ensuring there is minimal ‘leakage’ from the sport, in line with RMG’s ethos of returning its profits to the sport. We are very grateful to all the parties who expressed an interest with a range of compelling offers."

SIS chief executive Richard Ames commented: "SIS is very pleased to extend the relationship we hold with RMG and are confident that this agreement will continue to deliver excellent value for racecourses and bookmakers with a collaborative approach to growing the value of horseracing.

"Winning this extension in a competitive situation is testament to the good work and excellent relationship that has been fostered between the companies over the last three years. I look forward to RMG’s premium racing content being the cornerstone of SIS’ racing services for many years to come."

The Jockey Club chief executive Nevin Truesdale said the new agreement with SIS represented the best possible LBO rights arrangement for the sport.

"Betting media represents such a key revenue stream and one that is fundamental to how racecourses fund their substantial contribution to prize money levels," he said. "The process has been a great example of multiple stakeholders working together to try to achieve the best outcome and I would commend the leadership of RMG and our fellow racecourses in this regard.”

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