Site Blocking

Swiss court upholds DNS blocking of unlicensed gambling websites

The Federal Court of Switzerland has upheld the legality of blocking access to unlicensed online gambling websites.

The judgment was issued in May and published by [...]

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ACMA moves to block thepokies.net

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has requested that Australian internet service providers (ISPs) block access to illegal gambling website thepokies.net.

The request marks one of [...]

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Belgium expands iGaming blacklist to 380 sites

The Belgian Gaming Commission continues to expand its blacklist of unlicensed online betting and gaming operators with another 31 domains added to the list.

The second [...]

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Belgium’s gambling and communications regulators agree greater coopoeration

The gambling regulator of Belgium has teamed up with the country’s communications regulator to improve efforts to block access to unlicensed online gaming websites.

The Belgian [...]

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Belgian Gaming Commission adds 37 sites to iGaming blacklist

The Belgian Gaming Commission has added 37 new internet domains to its blacklist of unlicensed online betting and gaming operators.

Since the last update in September, [...]

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European Commission

Norway pushes ahead with DNS site blocking proposal

The government of Norway is seeking European Commission approval for its plan to use DNS blocking against unlicensed online gambling websites.

The proposal would allow the [...]

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French regulator cracks down on cryptocurrency gambling

France’s gambling regulator has taken the unusual step of issuing a public warning against the use of two online gaming websites that offer cryptocurrency payments.

The [...]

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Belgium looks to payment blocking as gambling blacklist expands

The Gaming Commission of Belgium is working to increase its cooperation with the country’s financial institutions in an effort to combat unlicensed online gambling.

The Commission [...]

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Switzerland adds new domains to iGaming blacklist

Switzerland’s gambling regulator has updated its blacklist of illegal gambling operators with the addition of 57 new domains.

Among the new additions to the blacklist of [...]

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Australian ISPs sets to block 18 additional illegal gaming sites

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has identified a further 18 online casinos that illegally serve Australian consumers.

A total of 18 websites are included [...]

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Australian media authority to block four more gambling sites

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has identified four illegal online gaming sites that will now be blocked by Australian internet service providers.

The four [...]

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Switzerland blacklists 45 new online gambling domains

Switzerland’s gambling authorities have blacklisted an additional 45 online gaming domains for targeting Swiss players without a local license.

The latest updates include 33 new online [...]

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