British problem gambling support charity GambleAware is launching a new ad campaign this weekend aimed at raising awareness of impulsive betting and encouraging moderation in order to reduce gambling-related harm.

The Bet Regret campaign will first air on Sunday February 24th during what is expected to be the most watched Premier League game of the season, Sky’s live broadcast of Manchester United v Liverpool.

The campaign targets men aged 16-34 who gamble regularly on sport and has been developed in partnership with academic experts and regular bettors to drive self-reflection, as well as to help friends and partners recognise the warning signs of Bet Regret.

“This ground-breaking joint campaign will make people think hard about their betting habits, assist to remove the stigma around gambling addiction and give people more courage to say they need help,” said Mims Davies, minister for sport and civil society.

“It is crucial that we both focus on prevention as well as cure and this campaign will help to educate people to recognise risky play. I am determined to deliver more collaborative work to help to change behaviours to reduce the threat of problem gambling.”

Professor Sian Griffiths, chair of the Safer Gambling Campaign Board and GambleAware Trustee, commented: “The Bet Regret campaign is about raising awareness of behaviours that people might not always recognise as impulsive or risky, such as betting when drunk, bored or chasing losses.

“We want people to identify with the campaign, realise they too have those kick-yourself moments when betting and reflect on their behaviours, thus preventing future ill-considered bets which are so often the pathway towards harm.”

Bet Regret is being funded through specific, additional donations to the charity, in line with a commitment given to the government by the broadcasting, advertising and gambling industries. Sky, BT Sport, ITV, Channel 4, Google, and Clear Channel are among those who are participating.

In addition to the TV campaign, Bet Regret will also feature in digital and social advertising, as well as PR and experiential activity designed to reach young male gamblers in their own communities.


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