Manila-based online casino games distributor QTech Games is looking to establish a new global gaming studio group to invest in or partner with up-and-coming studios across the world.

GameFactory has initially raised $3m and will aim to acquire or form partnerships with game development studios to allow them to continue developing their games independently.

In return, GameFactory will handle sales through a central sales force, utilising its existing distribution model, which is supported by QTech Games’ existing compliance and administration framework in the UK and Europe.

GameFactory seeks to form a studio group of some 10-15 rising suppliers, with the objective of competing with the industry’s leading suppliers such as NetEnt and Playtech.

“Time was when behemoths like Novomatic, Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt dominated the gaming landscape,” said QTech Games CEO Markus Nasholm. “But now there are a few hundred studios chasing their coattails which have trouble growing, getting distribution and complying with increasing regulatory demands.

“Whatever the domain of discourse, QTech’s model has always been to ensure that genuine talent never gets crowded out of the conversation, and GameFactory is our response to this need.”

Nasholm said that over the coming months, the initial goal is to complete the funding round, make the key investments and create a proof of concept, before embarking on a larger acquisition spree.

“We look forward to hearing from any interested studios and investors, and will unveil our key senior recruitments in the coming months,” he said. “This is the next phase in our mission to become the largest provider of digital entertainment in Asia and beyond over the next few years.

“Indeed, we are presently very active in this space, looking to enlist small gaming studios with big ideas to foster a forward-thinking fellowship within GameFactory.”

QTech Games recently acquired a majority stake in emerging Swedish studio Snowborn Games, with its first game Portals launched exclusively via the QTech Games platform.